Fourth grader returns to dance and play thanks to AAMC Orthopedics

broken ankle
Campbell, Annapolis student and dancer

When fourth grader Campbell Goodburn broke her ankle, her mom wanted the very best care — Campbell just wanted to get back to swimming and dancing as quickly as possible.

Campbell loves to dance and when she’s not spending time with her friends, she’s in the ballet studio practicing her pliés. Imagine the disappointment the 10-year-old felt when she broke her ankle the week before summer vacation began.

It was the last week of school and Campbell and her friends were enjoying the warm weather and a game of tag.

“I rolled my ankle and fell down on the pavement,” explains Campbell.

Initially Campbell thought she only sprained it, but after the swelling didn’t go down, her mother decided she needed to see a physician.

Luckily, Dawn Goodburn is an employee of Anne Arundel Medical Center and quickly thought to make Campbell an appointment at AAMC Orthopedics.

“My husband and I didn’t want to take Campbell to the emergency room or urgent care for her injury. We are fortunate to have AAMC Orthopedics in our community. It’s a convenient solution when you need somewhere to have a broken bone looked at and treated by orthopedic specialists, “shares Dawn.

Following the visit with Robert Verklin, MD, their concerns lessened, especially Campbell’s worries.

“It made a difference that Dr. Verklin spoke directly to Campbell, not at her or about her. It put her at ease and her fears of missing out on an entire summer were diminished when he delivered the news that her cast would most likely only have to be on for four weeks. ”  Dawn continued.

Campbell was determined to dance in the upcoming Nutcracker, with the Ballet Theatre of Maryland, managing to keep up with some of her ballet exercises while in a cast.

Four weeks flew by and as soon as Campbell’s cast was off she began the physical therapy exercises that were recommended to strengthen her ankle.

Thanks to excellent care from the entire team at AAMC Orthopedic Campbell was able to perform at the Lyric Theater this past December and have an experience to last a lifetime.

 Campbell is featured in commercials for AAMC Orthopedics for its Your Comeback Starts Here campaign.
 Verklin_Robert_AAMC_OrthopedicsRobert Verklin is an orthopedic surgeon with AAMC Orthopedics. To reach his practice, call 410-268-8862. 

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