True Story: “I’m so happy I did not postpone my visit for orthopedic care”

older male patient speaking to doctor

I was concerned about going to a doctor since I’m in a high-risk group for COVID-19, but the pain in my shoulder was intense, movement was limited and my symptoms kept getting worse. 

In 2016, I had surgery on my left hand to repair an artery. After the surgery, my activities were restricted for several months to allow complete healing of the artery. It was during this time that some of my muscles atrophied and my left shoulder froze. However, after several months of rehabilitation, I was able to return to the gym and exercise.

Once gyms closed because of COVID-19, I really lost the ability to continue exercising and started to experience problems with my left shoulder again. I contacted my physician at AAMG Orthopedics and Sports Medicine Specialists. My physician explained the safety protocols they had put in place to keep patients safe and I made an appointment.

Once I got to the office, I called the receptionist to let her know that I had arrived. She told me to wait in the lobby where I could safely distance while keeping comfortable. When the doctor was ready for me, the receptionist called and instructed me to go directly to the appropriate waiting area without needing to otherwise sign in. Next, a nurse took my temperature. No one else was in the waiting room. A staff member directed me to an exam room where I met the doctor.

The whole experience was professional, efficient and safe. I’m so happy that I did not postpone my visit. My shoulder would have continued to deteriorate and the pain would have gotten worse. Now I am improving my flexibility. The pain in my shoulder is subsiding. I will no longer hesitate to return for follow-up appointments knowing that AAMC has established  protocols to keep patients safe. 

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Tony R. is a resident of Millersville, Maryland.