True story: I wish I had taken care of my bones in my 20s


I never thought much about my bones when I was younger.

I figured they were strong and would last unless I broke one. And if I did break a bone, it would heal and everything would be fine. After all, I was busy working full-time, plus managing a household with three kids and a husband and all of our daily activities. I didn’t have time to think about my bone health.

I thought I was invincible.

I wasn’t. Here’s what I wish I had known about my bones when I was younger.

I wish ….. I had known that there is a point where your body stops making new bone. I didn’t know that by the time you reach your mid-30s, you begin to lose more bone than your body can replace. Menopause speeds this process up.

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I wish …. I had made sure I was getting enough calcium in my diet. I knew that calcium was necessary for bone health, but I did not focus on making sure I had enough in my diet.

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I wish …. I had exercised more. Even just walking for 10 minutes at a time, three or four times a day would have helped.

I wish …. I had never started smoking. I smoked for about 10 years and wish I had known that smoking wasn’t good for my bones – or anything else, for that matter.

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I wish …. I had known that at every stage of your life, you have to focus on your own health and make sure you learn what you need to do to stay healthy – and make time to take care of yourself.  


Bonnie P. Mulieri, 75, of Arnold is an osteoporosis patient.

Originally published Oct. 14, 2019. Last updated Oct. 19, 2020.