Help For Inflammatory Bowel Disease: AAMC Opens Crohn’s and Colitis Clinic

Our new Crohn’s and Colitis Clinic is now open. The clinic’s team includes gastroenterologists, surgeons, nutritionists and other specialists—all with focused training and experience in managing inflammatory bowel disease (IBD).

Adrian Park, MD

“With the entire team in one clinic, everything revolves around the patient,” explains AAMC Department of Surgery Chair Adrian Park, MD. “Instead of sending patients out for consults, we collaborate as a team to help the patient. This seamless process provides a better level of care.”

The clinic’s team of experts offers broad treatment, including new immune-suppressing drug therapy. Team members have a weekly conference to talk about your needs, treatment options and progress. They work closely with you and your referring doctor to give you the best results. Our goal is for you to take an active, informed role in your journey.

Treatment Options

The clinic offers custom treatment plans to fit your individual needs based on your symptoms. Options may include:

·         Medication: Many different medications are available to treat both Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis.

·         Diet: Changes in diet and nutrition can reduce symptoms. Our nutritionist can work with you to create a detailed diet plan and support you along the way.

·         Surgery: If you don’t respond to medication or can’t maintain diet and lifestyle changes, you may need surgery. Many different surgical options are available.

·         Alternative medicine: Our experts study new alternative treatments and therapies, and can talk about these options with you.

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