A Change for Good: New, Healthy Eating Habits

Like many of us, AAMC employees Peggy Rabuck and Joyce Kroneberger were no strangers to dieting. So when they saw a new “diet” advertised at AAMC from the reputable Mayo Clinic, they decided to give it a try.

“It was unlike any other program I’ve done,” says Kroneberger. “This was a real change in lifestyle. I learned to rethink my relationship with food.”

The Mayo Clinic Diet is a weight management program that focuses on adopting healthy habits and breaking unhealthy ones. Led by a registered dietitian and cardiac rehab specialist, the weekly classes provide a supportive, no-guilt group atmosphere and education that builds the foundation for fad-free nutrition and exercise.

“It’s not radical or hokey, it just makes sense,” says Rabuck. “For example, they encourage you to eat whole, natural foods instead of processed.”

Since taking the class, both women have enjoyed positive results. “I lost over 20 pounds,” says Rabuck. “I’m no longer pre-diabetic and I don’t need to take one of my blood pressure medications anymore. I also recently met my goal of completing a 5-K run.” Kroneberger lost 40 pounds and says, “I have more energy. It’s the best thing I ever did for myself.”

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