Luminis Health Announces Board Officers and New Appointments

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Luminis Health announces board officers and new appointments for 2020-2021.

Luminis Health Board of Trustees

Gary Jobson, Chair

Rene LaVigne, Vice Chair

Leisa Russell, Vice Chair

Karen Drenkard, PhD, RN 

Keith Ghezzi, MD

Misti Mukherjee, JD 

Anne Arundel Medical Center Board of Trustees

James Chambers, Chair

Misti Mukherjee, JD, Vice Chair

Monya Phillip, JD

Anne Arundel Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors

Jerome Collier, Chair

Meg Samek-Smith, Vice Chair

John Avallone, MD

Kristin Fleckenstein

Sally McCash

Khlyah Settle

Doctors Community Medical Center Board of Trustees

Rene LaVigne, Chair

Gary Michael, Vice Chair

Laura Cline 

Doctors Community Medical Center Foundation Board of Directors

Dominic Magnolia, Chair

Madu Mohan, MD, Vice Chair

Thomas Mulrenin, JD

Sylvia Johnson

Norma Rivera, JD

Dana Stebbins, JD

Luminis Health Clinical Enterprise Board of Trustees 

Keith Ghezzi, MD, Chair

The Honorable Athena Groves, Vice Chair

George Anderson, MD

Victoria Bayless

Joyce Phillip

Mitchell Schwartz, MD

J. Kent McNew Family Medical Center Board of Trustees

Heidi Rothenhaus, JD, RN, Chair

Lisa Hillman, Vice Chair

Sherry Perkins, PhD, RN

Victoria Bayless

Timothy Adelman, JD, MBA

“We welcome our newly elected officers and members to our boards of directors and boards of trustees,” said Victoria Bayless, CEO of Luminis Health. “Our boards are reflective of the diverse and multifaceted communities we serve, and we are thankful for their expertise, wisdom, and devotion to enhance health, advance wellness and remove barriers to care in the communities they and we call home. We are grateful for their passion and embodiment of our health system’s values of respect, inclusion, service and excellence.”