AAMC’s Center for Joint Replacement attracts national attention

For six straight years, the Center for Joint Replacement at Anne Arundel Medical Center has been Maryland’s busiest hip and knee replacement program, drawing patients from all over the country.

Recently the Center received national attention through these notable rankings:

  • U.S. News and World Report recently named AAMC a high-performing hospital for hip and knee replacements.
  • Orthopedic Network News ranked AAMC among the top 10 hospitals in the country for Medicare knee and hip replacements.

Center for Joint Replacement’s annual report

Two years ago, Anne Arundel Medical Center became the first hospital in the state to top 2,000 knee and hip replacement surgeries in one year — a pace that continued last year, when surgeons performed 2,221 joint replacements. Other findings from the Center for Joint Replacement’s annual Joint Outcomes Report include:

  • High quality at a low cost: The Center provides the highest quality care at the lowest possible cost. The average cost of joint procedures at AAMC is 13 percent lower than Maryland’s average.
  • Shorter hospital stays:  The average joint replacement patient stays at AAMC for 2.16 days. This is 21 percent less than the average length of stay at Maryland hospitals and 23 percent less than the national average. Our patients want to get back to their homes, and to their lives, as soon as they are ready. Our extensive research shows that early discharge does not lead to an increase in complications or people needing to return to the emergency room. Plus, we see that patients are much happier to be out of the hospital and home with family and friends as quickly as possible.
  • High patient satisfaction: The Center for Joint Replacement’s patient satisfaction scores have remained in the top 5 percent of the nation for the past six years.

“We know our patients demand transparency about our outcomes,” says Paul King, MD, orthopedic surgeon and medical director of AAMC’s Center for Joint Replacement.  “We believe publishing our joint outcomes enhances our culture of continuous improvement and increases value for our patients. Our patients know we’re a trusted, expert partner in their care.”

You can find the full 2016 Joint Outcomes Report at askAAMC.org/JointOutcomes.

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