A Letter of Thanks on Doctors’ Appreciation Day

Luminis Health Chief Physician Executive Dr. Mitch Schwartz and Chief Medical Officer of Luminis Health Doctors Community Medical Center Dr. Sunil Madan, pen a note of thanks to our phenomenal doctors across the health system.

On this Doctors’ Appreciation Day, allow us to take the opportunity to express our profound gratitude for your heroic efforts and sacrifices during what has been unprecedented circumstances for our health system, our greater nation and world.

It goes without saying that this past year was tough. That is an understatement. The COVID-19 pandemic brought us heartache and uncertainty about life in ways we never could have imagined. In fact, that uncertainty undermined what we call life.

As physicians, you were asked to take the lead in helping society eradicate this devastating virus and restore the health of individuals and communities — all while grappling with your own uncertainties and fears. There was little time to process our shifting world. But as the patients kept coming, you cared for them in the face of that fear. You kept showing up to save lives long before the path to vaccination was clear. You answered the call and, in the process, coped with extraordinary demands.

In spite of the cruel moments of this pandemic, you thrived. You set new records and raised the bar. You excelled during one of the most challenging times our world has ever come to bear. You were integral in the migration onto one, health system-wide electronic medical record platform to ultimately enhance patient care. You made COVID-related research initiatives possible, allowing us to improve the health of our patients and advance knowledge for the greater good of the communities we serve. And across Luminis Health, you ushered in a new patient-office experience by performing more than 279,000 telehealth visits during the pandemic. The list goes on.

Your heroism, without a doubt, came with personal sacrifice. Your deep devotion and care toward others often meant abandoning your own wellbeing. To continue to deliver the best possible care, we must take care of ourselves. Looking after ourselves and our colleagues has never been more important.

We are grateful for your heroism, selflessness, deep devotion and care toward others. The world is better because of it. We extend our admiration and deepest gratitude for you on Doctors’ Appreciation Day and every day.