Building Confidence with Gender Affirmation Surgery

building confidence with gender affirmation surgery

After a lifetime of feeling uncomfortable in his own skin, Giovanni Rozier made the decision to receive gender affirmation surgery on his chest (commonly known as top surgery).

He explored surgical programs in Maryland and was pleased and surprised to learn he could receive surgery at Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center (LHAAMC).

“I love that hospital. All the babies in my family were born there…I would rather use LHAAMC than any other place.”

“We are proud to help patients achieve their gender affirmation goals,” says Derek L. Masden, MD, chief of plastic surgery. “This procedure involves removal of breast tissue to create a flat and masculine chest.”

Top surgery is widely recognized for improving the quality of life in those experiencing gender dysphoria, which is a sense of unease that a person feels when the gender they were assigned at birth does not match with their gender identity.

Since transitioning, Giovanni says his life has changed for the better.

“Now I don’t have to worry when I use men’s bathrooms and locker rooms. I know I am supposed to be there and I look like I’m supposed to be there. There’s no denying it.”

“Gender affirmation can be life-changing,” says Lauren Eisenbeis, physician assistant. “Patients can finally be their authentic selves without having to hide or feel disconnects between their external appearance and internal selves.”

Giovanni’s advice for others considering surgery is: “do what makes you happy.”

He adds, “Nobody else has to live in your skin. Nobody else has to be you every day. I want trans people to love what they see in the mirror.”

To learn if gender affirmation surgery at Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center is for you, please reach out to our plastic surgery team at 443-481-3400 to schedule a consultation, or visit our Plastic Surgery page on