The Best Part about Nursing is the Patients

The best part about nursing is the patients.

Since Kim Mahar was a young girl, she knew she wanted to work in the medical field and positively impact people. As a teenager, she explored medical technician classes, and she grew to love the clinical and personal aspects of connecting with patients.

Today, Kim is our Nursing Care Coordinator at Luminis Health Ob-Gyn Annapolis. In recognition of National Nurses Week, we’re proud to honor Kim for her contributions to the medical field and Luminis Health.

For Kim, the best part of being a nurse is the patients. She brings caring, compassion, kindness and understanding to her important role. “I just love patients to feel their best. As their nurse, I want to help them reach their healthcare goals,” she says.

Kim’s nursing journey

Kim started as a Nursing Assistant at a nursing home after high school. “I loved the patients, especially those with dementia or Alzheimer’s. They needed a caring face,” says Kim. “I had personal connections with them and their families. It was extremely rewarding.”

While working, Kim studied for her Associate of Science in Nursing degree. A sign language class afforded her the opportunity to help a deaf patient. “We created a special kinship,” Kim recalls. “He made me want to get up and go to work so I could care for him. I was able to communicate small things and that helped him feel more comfortable.”

In September 2005, she joined Luminis Health Ob-Gyn Annapolis, where she has worked in various aspects of nursing – Floor Nurse, Telephone Triage Nurse, Lead Triage Nurse, Office Procedure Nurse, New Patient Coordinator. “I started in Ob-Gyn and grew from there and never left,” she smiles. “I’ve made a family here. I’m so thankful for those who encouraged me along the way.”

Kim currently enjoys her new role, where she helps her patients from start to finish and ensures a top-notch healthcare experience. She organizes treatment plans for her patients along with their providers for various needs like home healthcare, out-patient infusion and other community health needs.

She focuses on both self-care and holistic care in helping her patients. “The most important thing is to get them well. I want to make them feel like they matter, and know that I care,” says Kim.

“A big thing for me is self-care, especially for us nurses, too. We have to take care of ourselves, so we are well enough to take care of others,” Kim continues.

Back in the classroom

She is now a student at Notre Dame of Maryland University working on her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree, a goal of hers. Kim, who will graduate in 2023, believes education is a big part of nursing.

“It’s important to be knowledgeable on various aspects of nursing that can help patients and their families,” Kim says. “What can I teach my patients to take better care of themselves? What can we work on together to help them heal from their illness or medical issue?”

Being there for her patients – and others

Kim doesn’t hesitate to lend a helping hand. She once saved a choking child at a community Easter Egg hunt, and she helped a lady who experienced a diabetic episode while walking her dog.

“Being a nurse is all about helping people,” says Kim. “There’s always a need for nurses. It’s amazing to see your patients be well, and give their families that peace of mind, too. It’s all about being there for the patients in every way you can.”

“And it means the world to me to accomplish the patient’s goal,” Kim concludes. “Patients aren’t just a number or an illness, they’re people and they need our help.”