Luminis Health Visitor Restrictions

Image Reads: Luminis Health COVID-19 Visitor Policy Update
Last updated at 12:45 pm Friday, May 15, 2020.

Caring for and protecting our patients, families, employees, and the community during the COVID-19 pandemic is most important to Luminis Health. In order to do that, we are putting measures in place that further restrict visitors to our facilities. We can best protect patients, medical staff and our employees by limiting contact.

Effective March 18, 2020 at 8 pm, Luminis Health is restricting ALL visitors at Anne Arundel Medical Center, Doctors Community Medical Center and Pathways until further notice. Exceptions are noted below. Where visitation is allowed, it will be limited to one visitor per day.

• Patients in extremely critical, life-threatening condition or in hospice care/comfort care/end-of-life care, may have one visitor with a second visitor possible at the medical provider’s discretion.
• Mothers in labor may have one visitor per day.
• Children who are 21 years of age or under may have a parent or guardian accompany them.
• Patients undergoing surgery may have a support person/visitor. This support person will be asked to leave the hospital/procedural area while waiting for the patient to complete surgery. Hospital staff will call the support person/visitor to return when it is time to pick up the patient.
• Patients requiring an outpatient test or procedure where a companion is required for assistance, including discharge, may have one visitor. The visitor will be asked to leave the hospital or procedural area and will be called to return when the patient is ready for pick up.
• People who serve as a surrogate decision maker, including power of attorney or court-appointed guardianship for a patient, and need to be physically present to engage in the decision making process are permitted. The attending physician will be the final arbiter as to whether someone needs to be physically present.
• People performing official governmental functions.
• Person serving as support person for patients with disabilities.

Additional exception requests will be determined on a case-by-case basis by the administrator on call.

If you are approved to visit, you must follow these guidelines to help prevent the spread of infection:
• Upon arrival, we will screen you for fever and cough. If you are healthy/not showing symptoms of COVID-19, we will issue you a sticker to show you are an approved visitor. You must wear this sticker at all times in a highly visible location.
• You must remain in the patient’s room at all times, except for quick trips to the bathroom or to purchase food. For ease and to limit movement around the building, we encourage you to use room service to order a guest meal tray. We will deliver all guest meal trays to the patient’s room. A guest charge will be added to the final patient bill.
• Limit the number of personal items that you bring into the hospital. Bringing fewer items into the hospital will reduce the number of unwanted germs that you take back home with you.
• When visiting is over, you must leave the hospital promptly and not wander through hallways or spend time in public areas, including lobbies, waiting areas, cafeterias, and vending areas.
• You MUST wash your hands or use hand sanitizer EVERY time you enter or exit a patient room.


How can family and friends stay in touch with their loved one and the health care team? Hospital staff will reach out to a designated family member, as agreed to by the patient, to communicate about the patient’s condition. In addition, hospital staff will help you in communicating directly with the patient.

Are children able to visit?
Children under the age of 18 cannot visit patients at this time. Children may not be left in the lobby or hallways while an approved adult visits.

May I still send flowers, food, or other items to my loved one?
To help limit the number of people in our buildings, we ask that you not send flowers, food or other items that must be delivered.

How can I be sure that my loved one will be safely cared for during the COVID-19 outbreak?
Employees are trained in the management of infectious disease and Luminis Health is following recommendations of the CDC, Maryland Department of Health and other health care organizations. We understand that it is unsettling not to be able to visit your loved one, but these visitor restrictions are designed to keep both you and your loved one safe during this time.

What if my loved one or I need health care for other illnesses or injury?
During this pandemic, our patients still need care for health conditions unrelated to COVID-19, and we will continue to serve and care for the needs of all patients within the constraints of safely managing through the COVID-19 pandemic. We are committed to providing essential health services and to caring for our community.

We appreciate your understanding during these extraordinary times. We are confident that together we will continue to deliver the highest quality of care.