CEO Message: Hope In Times Of Crisis

Hope in times of crisis.
Luminis Health hope in times of crisis.

Tori Bayless, Luminis Health CEO, reflects on hope in times of crisis. 


I am sure each of you is still processing the events of yesterday, as am I. What happened in our nation’s capital was shocking and scary.

While horrifying for people all over the country, we have the added trauma of this happening where we live – so many of our colleagues live and work in DC or nearby.  This is our home – not a tourist destination. News analysts and commentators speak about how yesterday’s breach and desecration of the Capitol shakes the very foundation of our democracy.  And it does.  For us, it also takes aim at the security and sanctuary of our home.

That is no small matter, especially this year when home has become even more central to our worlds – family life has collided with work and school. Home has been a safe haven from the virus; our respite.  Yesterday, for some of our team mates, getting home was a scary prospect.  That weighs on everyone.

Many of us were looking forward to the hope of a new year.  The promise of a vaccine and a return to normal. Yesterday’s violent acts shattered some of that optimism.  But here’s what I know:

The hope is in us.

Each of us – choosing to stand and face the future with determination to make it better – give hope for a brighter tomorrow.  Together, collectively, we have the power to change today.  And tomorrow.  And the one after that.

During the stress of a long day or particularly hard shift, it is easy to forget how much our communities respect and admire the compassion, excellent care, teamwork and inclusiveness you demonstrate every day.  But just as the assault on our nation’s capital could not destroy the inherent strength of our democracy, neither a pandemic – nor any challenge – can harm the strength of our purpose and our resolve to make lives better for thousands of people every day.

I encourage you to check on each other. Reach out for help. Call the employee assistance program. Take care of yourself, your family, and each other. Know that your Luminis Health family is with you, supporting each other. There is hope in that.