Notice of Recruitment Scams

We have recently received reports of fraudulent recruitment communications and outreach posing as Luminis Health recruiters and employees. These scammers aim to seek personal information and direct deposit or credit card payments. We assure you that we take this matter seriously and do not conduct our outreach to candidates in this manner. Your safety is our priority and we urge you to not respond to these fraudulent communications.

Spotting a Recruitment Scam

  • Unsolicited Communication: Beware of unexpected phone calls, emails, social media messages, and texts claiming to be from Luminis Health recruiters when you have not recently submitted an application.
  • Online-Only Interviews: Be cautious if you’re asked for online-only interviews with a quick response required.
  • Money or Personal Information Requests: Our recruiters will never ask for money, personal information, or software purchases in exchange for a job offer.
  • Check Email Addresses: Verify email addresses for legitimacy; all genuine offers come from addresses.

Our Recruitment Process

  • Apply through We require all applicants to use our official website for job applications.
  • Face-to-Face Interviews: Our interviews will always include a face-to-face component, whether virtual or in-person.
  • Official Communication Channels: Genuine offers will only come from email addresses or official phone lines.

If You Receive Suspicious Communication

  • Exercise Caution: If you get messages via phone calls, emails, texts, or social media that seem suspicious, be careful.
  • Don’t Share Personal Info: Never disclose personal or financial information in response to these messages.
  • Save Evidence: Keep unsolicited messages and report them to your local police department.

Learn More About Job Scams

Visit the FTC website to get further information on job scams.