A Lifetime of Healthy Bones and Joints

People of different age groups can protect their bones and joints in a variety of ways:


iStock_32538546_LARGE_fmtKids and teens
Don’t go straight from zero to 100. Avoid fractures by stretching and strengthening well before returning to seasonal sports.



Strengthen muscles and increase muscle mass with weight training to protect bones and joints in contact and high-impact sports.



iStock_43133320_LARGE_fmtTeen girls
Replace the calories burned during high-intensity cardiovascular sports to avoid excessive fat loss that can lead to reduced bone density.


Use stretching and light resistance strength training to keep stiff joints limber and reduce arthritis symptoms. Maintain a healthy weight to take pressure off the joints.


Get enough vitamin D and calcium, and participate in load-bearing activities such as walking, running, dancing or resistance training to keep bones strong. Ask your doctor about a bone density scan after menopause.


Learn more about The Joint Center at AAMC, which performs more joint replacements than any other hospital in Maryland.

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