Weight Loss Surgery Options

AAMC offers two weight loss surgery procedures — sleeve gastrectomy and gastric bypass. Both have been shown to be highly effective in combination with a long-term program of exercise, proper nutrition and medical support.

Each procedure is minimally invasive and creates a small stomach pouch, helping patients feel fuller sooner and stay full longer. As less food is eaten, the body stops storing excess calories and starts using its fat supply for energy. Patients are able to digest food in a normal manner after recovery.

“Bariatric surgery gives you an advantage in addition to diet and exercise, and is the only proven long-term weight loss solution,” says AAMC bariatric surgeon Courtney Doyle, MD. “By changing the anatomy, we help patients curb appetite and limit portions. These changes may also alter the body’s hormones, which can help to suppress appetite.”

Weight Loss

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Doyle_fmtCourtney Doyle, MD, is a bariatric surgeon with AAMC.

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