Hearts in Motion: Celebrating Random Acts of Kindness Week

One small act can make a big difference. We invite you to join Anne Arundel Medical Center in our week-long celebration of kindness as we put our hearts in motion for Random Acts of Kindness week, Feb. 12-18, 2017.

Studies have shown that being kind and doing kind acts for others can benefit your heart, reduce anxiety and lower your blood pressure. Download our free, printable kindness cards to start your own chain reaction of good deeds.

Need some ideas to get you started?

  • Buy a cup of coffee for a stranger.
  • Leave a special treat on a friend or co-worker’s desk.
  • Donate old towels or blankets to an animal shelter.
  • Surprise a neighbor with dinner.
  • Send a card to someone who deserves more recognition.
  • Leave a kind server the biggest tip you can afford.

Share your stories and see what others are doing on Facebook using #AAMCHeartsInMotion.

One of the best Random Acts of Kindness you can do is encourage everyone to know their “heart age” and risk of heart disease. Take our free, online heart health profiler at AskAAMC.org/Heart

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