Navigating Breast Cancer: Stacy’s Journey

Stacy Stewart was a healthy wife and mother of two—until she found out she had breast cancer. Unsure of what to do next, she went to Anne Arundel Medical Center for treatment. While there, she was assigned to Nurse Navigator Kim Stewart, RN, who helped guide her through the turbulent process of scheduling appointments and doctors’ visits. Here is Stacy’s story in her own words.

When I first got the call informing me of my diagnosis, I was speechless. I had no idea what was next for me or my family and I was scared of what could happen. I called my husband sobbing and told him that our biggest fear came true—I had breast cancer.

The diagnosis was very hard on my family. My youngest son was very emotional about it and we reassured him that I would be fine. My eldest son just wanted to make sure that I would be okay.

At my first appointment at the Breast Center, I was introduced to my nurse navigator, Kim Stewart. In the very beginning, she helped point me in the right direction as to what was next. Without her, I would have been lost because there are so many appointments. Kim was there with me every step of the way, comforting me and making me feel at ease. It was reassuring to be able to go home and know that she had everything in line for me. All my appointments were set up and I didn’t have to worry or stress about it. This assistance helped me calm down so I could focus on my recovery—I didn’t have the time or energy to worry about planning every visit and every appointment. With Kim, I never had to.

This feeling of ease became contagious among my family. Seeing how calm and comfortable I was helped settle the nerves of my husband and sons. I was going to be fine. I knew this and, with the support of my family and nurse navigator, I beat cancer.

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