Life After Breast Cancer

Karen Jones remembers the fear and frustration she felt after discovering the lump in her breast. The medical care and emotional support she received at the Breast Center at the DeCesaris Cancer Institute helped both her and her husband, Doug, through the difficult time. “The people at the hospital were so reassuring,” says Doug who accompanied her to all of her appointments. “You felt so much more comfortable after you talked to them.”

Now that she is cancer free, Karen has become a mentor, sharing her experience with other patients at the Breast Center. “We have the most amazing facility here in Annapolis,” she says. “I’m always the first one to say ‘You don’t need to leave this city or state to find excellent medical care.’”

Today, Karen has a much greater appreciation for life’s smallest pleasures; the breeze on her skin, the sound of birds in the trees and the change of seasons. She and Doug are closer than they’ve ever been, and they cherish more moments together. “I’m just glad I have her,” he says.

Karen is proud to be able to say she is a cancer survivor, and she uses her experience to help others through their journey. “I feel better than I felt before my diagnosis, and I think it’s because I’m taking better care of myself.”

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