Caring Hands for the Littlest Patients

Pasadena residents Cristina and Matt knew they were in good hands, but they’ve seen more of the inside of a hospital than any new parent should. When their eleven week old son, Beckett, was diagnosed with a lung infection caused by RSV (respiratory syncytial virus), the Pediatric Department became their second home for seven days.

When Beckett got RSV, he was extremely ill with a high fever, coughing and sneezing. When we realized he was going to be there for a little bit longer than we thought, Nurse Tim attached a little sound machine to the crib in the room. He also gave us a fleece blanket to make Beckett’s stay a little more comfortable. One of the lead nurses, Melanie, also provided a bouncy seat, Beckett’s favorite, as well as some toys and a rocking chair for us to help comfort him.

They are absolutely amazing people with huge hearts. You can tell they all love their jobs and are passionate about children.

In addition to Beckett being sick, his father and I were too. The incredible part is that the kind nurses supported us too. We traded shifts with him so we could get rest to be healthy for him. My husband would come at dinner to trade and the nurses would keep an eye on Beckett so Matt and I could grab a bite to eat in the cafeteria together.

They have a room called the “nourishment center.” It’s a way for parents to get things like juices, yogurts, bagels, and crackers to avoid having to travel to the cafeteria multiple times—a way to feel a sense of home.

Having Beckett so incredibly ill was the scariest thing we’ve gone through, especially being first time parents, but having the doctors and nurses in a pediatric setting was a true blessing. We couldn’t have survived the week without their support. We trusted our newborn was in wonderful caring hands.

I also have to say that Pediatrics Department is probably the most adorable place on the face of the earth. It has a whole nautical sailor theme. It’s so cute. If I were a kid it definitely wouldn’t be as scary going there.

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