AAMC Awarded Grant For Mental Health Needs

Last year, AAMC was the recipient of a grant award through the Stulman Foundation to fund Referrals for Recovery (“RforR”), a model program designed to meet the needs of patients who require immediate behavioral health intervention.

Through this program, primary care and OBGYN physicians identify patients in need of mental health care by using the Quick Behavioral Health Assessment (“QBHA”), developed by AAMC behavioral health experts. Once a patient is identified, he or she is connected immediately via a dedicated referral line to the RforR team, comprised of a Referral Specialist and Behavioral Health Navigator. Together these professionals ensure that referred patients are appropriately assessed and placed in treatment within 48 hours.

The RforR program at AAMC has identified and secured appropriate behavioral health care for more than 500 patients in need. This program has allowed AAMC to increase accessibility to critical mental health needs for everyone in our community, as well as helped solidify community partnerships throughout the region. The RforR program represents the important advances in care that can happen from philanthropic support and grant funding.

 To learn more about supporting mental healthcare programs provided by AAMC please call 443-481-4747.

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