What immunizations do I need as an adult?

Adult immunizations

There are several immunizations recommended for adults. Some are specifically for older adults, to protect against diseases that can be more serious in seniors. Other vaccines may not have been available when you were younger. And adults with a higher-than-average risk for certain diseases may need additional vaccines.

While immunizations protect you personally from diseases, they can also lower the risk of disease outbreaks in your community. This concept is sometimes referred to as “herd immunity.” Herd immunity protects people who cannot be vaccinated, such as babies who are still too young for certain shots or people with weak immune systems.

See the chart below for recommendations for some of the most common vaccines. Then talk with your doctor about which immunizations you may need.



Makas9815_fmtDaniel Makas, DO, is a family medicine physician at AAMG River Family Physicians, with offices in St. Michaels and Easton. To reach him, call 410-820-7270.
Originally published Sept. 16, 2016. Last updated Aug. 6, 2018.


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