Welcoming A Baby In The Parking Garage!

Talk about a special delivery! Nurse Maria Moody was coming into her shift when she was approached by a father, Sean McGee, in the Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center (LHAAMC) parking garage asking for help. His wife, Lindsay, was having a baby!

Maria quickly ran to the north entrance front desk and asked the team to call for help. They activated OBGYN Net, which is the emergency response team for deliveries, and Maria returned to the car in time to help deliver the baby. She was so happy the baby was breathing, moving, and healthy, she forgot to check if the baby was a girl or boy!

The rest of the team arrived and took over care for mom and baby girl, Beau Isla. “The whole experience was incredible and Nurse Maria is amazing,” said Lindsay. “Her presence made me feel safe and gave me the confidence to give birth right there and then. This is a story we will be telling our little girl for the rest of her life!” 

“It was my privilege to be a part of their special day and such a blessing to be able to meet this beautiful family,” said Maria. “Lindsay truly is the definition of a super mom!”

Maria has worked at LHAAMC since 1999. Currently she works in the Procedural Care Unit, where she preps and recovers all Interventional Radiology and Cardiac Catheterization patients. Thank you, Maria for all that you do!