The surprising health benefits of your favorite Easter candies

If you’re celebrating Easter today, we hope the Easter Bunny filled your basket with all your favorite treats!

Did you know that some of the most popular kinds of Easter candy actually have some major health benefits?

Here are a few sweet examples:

Orange jelly beans are loaded with Vitamin C*

Vitamin C may help to ward off cold symptoms and boost your immune system — and research indicates it could also protect against heart disease and several types of cancer. You probably know that oranges are a rich source of Vitamin C. Well, so are orange jelly beans! About 25 orange jelly beans contain 50 percent of your recommended daily intake of Vitamin C. Enjoy several handfuls today to get the most out of this Easter favorite.






Chocolate eggs are high in protein*

Just like real eggs, chocolate eggs are packed with protein — six grams of protein per ounce serving! Chocolate peanut butter eggs contain even more — around eight grams per egg. Protein helps build strong bones and muscles, so have an egg or two with your Easter breakfast.






Chocolate bunnies are a good source of iron*

Not getting enough iron in your diet can cause anemia, along with symptoms such as fatigue. To prevent this, make sure you eat all of your chocolate bunnies, which are high in iron. Vitamin C also helps your body absorb iron, so we recommend that you eat these with a side of orange jelly beans.






*Wait a minute…

Does this all sound too good to be true?

It is — because today is not just Easter, it’s also April Fools’ Day!

While there’s nothing wrong with indulging in some candy today, remember to do so in moderation, and enjoy these sweets as part of a balanced diet. Happy Easter!

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