Free flu shots available to public

Have you gotten your flu shot yet? If not, AAMC is offering free flu shots for community members who are 18 and older through Nov. 27.

Stop by one of our free flu vaccine clinics on the first floor of the hospital’s North Pavilion, 2001 Medical Parkway, Annapolis:

  • Wednesday, Nov. 7, 7 am-midnight
  • Thursday, Nov. 8, 7 am-8 pm
  • Saturday, Nov. 10, 7 am-3 am
  • Monday, Nov. 12, 7 am-4 pm
  • Tuesday, Nov. 13, 4 pm-midnight
  • Wednesday, Nov. 14, 7 pm-3 am
  • Thursday, Nov. 15, 7 am-4 pm
  • Saturday, Nov. 17, 4 pm-midnight
  • Sunday, Nov. 18, noon-4 pm
  • Tuesday, Nov. 20, 8 am-8 pm
  • Wednesday, Nov. 21, 4 pm-midnight
  • Saturday, Nov. 24, 8 am-midnight
  • Sunday, Nov. 25, noon-8 pm
  • Monday, Nov. 26, 8 am-midnight
  • Tuesday, Nov. 27, 8 am-midnight

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Flu symptoms can include fever, headache, coughing, fatigue, and aches and pains. If you get the flu, you can spread it to others even before you have any symptoms.

While the flu shot is not 100 percent effective, it does significantly lower your risk of catching the flu. Flu viruses change often, which is why it’s important to get a yearly flu shot to protect against the current year’s most common flu strains.

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