UPDATE: COVID-19 staff vaccinations

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Luminis Health is committed to the health and safety of our patients, staff, and the communities we serve. In June, Luminis Health announced it would require COVID-19 vaccines for staff. The health system has determined the timeline. Following science and with increasing risks of variants, our staff members must receive the COVID-19 vaccination by October 1, 2021, with exemptions for medical and religious reasons. This requirement aligns with our flu vaccine policy for staff. We are committed to an implementation plan that supports our workforce with empathy and compassion, while educating our teammates, listening to and addressing their concerns, and dispelling myths.

The COVID-19 vaccine clearly works. It reduces risk of infection, spreading infection to others, and becoming severely ill or dying from the virus. The vaccine is our best shot at beating COVID-19 and ending this pandemic. Luminis Health is proud to have administered more than 100,000 vaccines to residents, particularly those most vulnerable in our communities. Through mobile clinics, our Community Health Team is bringing the COVID-19 vaccine to low income and senior housing, homeless shelters, churches, community colleges, barbershops, and businesses. If you need a COVID-19 vaccine, please visit one of our upcoming mobile vaccine clinics.