President’s Message: A Note of Appreciation for the AAMC Team

Sherry Perkins
Sherry B. Perkins, PhD, RN, FAAN, is president of Anne Arundel Medical Center.

Things are moving quickly. Every day brings new information and with it, new challenges. The most pressing focus of our Incident Command Team and leadership is on the safety of our staff and patients. Our priority is to safely staff, supply, and equip our hospital now and in the future.

Today, I additionally want to express to you my gratitude and appreciation to each member of our team for all you are doing. Many of you are learning – like me – to work differently. Some are working remotely while trying to balance home and professional responsibilities. Others are utilizing their skills and abilities in new roles. Many continue the important work they have done all along – unified, focused, and sincere. Each of you is vital to the AAMC team.

I cannot fully express my gratitude, and I’m not alone in being grateful for the work you are doing. I wanted to share this note, written by Pat Holle, one of AAMC’s Patient Family Advisors (PFA). PFAs work with our teams to bring the patient and family perspective into all we do. Her words echo so many others in our community and across the world.

AAMC Patient and Family Advisor Patricia Holle

Dear AAMC staff, When I was diagnosed with cancer, spring was starting, just like now. How vividly I remember looking at the flowers and trees blooming, the grass growing, and our beautiful world showing off its best. The skies somehow seemed more blue and the new growth more magnificent than ever.  I remember treasuring each moment, wondering if this would be my last spring here on earth. Being reminded by my diagnosis that no day is guaranteed, every connection with friends and family and co-workers was even more treasured.

As we face this pandemic together, I am reminded of that spring. These unprecedented times have made us all even more conscious of the fragility of life, our humanity, and yet, even in all this uncertainty, also our connectedness to each other.

On behalf of our community, I’d like to thank each of you who run towards the front lines, as the rest of us retreat into the safety of our homes. You didn’t sign up for this – you probably never imagined a day like this would come – but still you choose to show up for each shift, doing the noble, messy, and exhausting work that will likely define your career.

In this, you have brought us hope.

There are no words to adequately thank you, but I hope that you are feeling the love and support from our community as we do what we can, whether it be sending in food, donating blood or money to the Community Response Fund, or sewing masks.

And I do know this, spring will come again.

In awe and gratitude,

Pat Holle, Co-Chair, AAMC Patient and Family Advisor Council