Kindness Rocks at AAMC

#AAMCRocks #TheKindnessRocksProject

Have you walked around your community lately and found a painted river rock with a message of encouragement or happy artwork that made you smile? These random acts of kindness are popping up not just in Anne Arundel County, but throughout the world and we’ve decided to get on board!

The official Kindness Rocks Project began in 2015 in Cape Cod when Megan Murphy walked to the beach after losing both of her parents. She saw the beach as a place where she would be closer to her parents, and where amidst the sound of the crashing waves, they could hear her thoughts and provide continued guidance in her life.

Several beach visits later, Megan began bringing a sharpie to the beach with her so that she could write messages of hope and kindness on the rocks for others to find. It wasn’t until a friend of hers found a ”kindness rock” and told Megan, that Megan realized these simple acts of kindness may be just as healing to others as they were to her. And now, two years later, kindness rocks have spread throughout the world.

AAMC is dropping our version of kindness rocks throughout the main hospital campus with the hashtag #AAMCRocks.  As we invest in caring for our patients, we encourage everyone to care for one another. This includes spreading kindness to all of the unique individuals who make up our community.

If you find one of our rocks, we hope you’ll take a picture and share it with us on your social media page using #AAMCRocks, or by posting to AAMC’s Facebook page. Spread the kindness by ‘re-planting’ the rock where someone else will find it, or painting a rock of your own to put out in the community.

 Join the movement! Read our Step-by-Step How-To Guide to get started. 

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