How to make a gratitude jar

  1. The mission: Spread an attitude of gratitude!
  2. The ingredients: You’ll need a jar, a ribbon to decorate, a suction hook, a pen, gratitude cards and an attitude of gratitude. You can use a small jar you have at home or easily buy one at a craft store.
  3. The steps: Place the ribbon around the jar’s neck ring to add a touch of color. Hang the hook on the side of the jar so you can place the gratitude notes once you’ve hole punched them. Leave the pen inside the jar so it’s easily accessible when looking to write on the cards.
  4. Inspire and share: Place the jar in middle of the dinner table, on top of a desk or in a visible location. Have a set time when you write down notes and fill the jar with the cards — make it a family affair! Let your creative juices flow and write down what you truly are grateful for.
  5. Read your cards: Remember to open the jar occasionally and read the notes to remind you of all the wonderful things you have in your life. Read your card aloud orpass the jar around and let everyone read one. Take a moment to reflect and smile! Gratitude is contagious.
  6. Spread the good vibes: Think about making a jar for the office and sharing your gratitude practice with others.

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Originally published Nov. 19, 2018. Last updated Nov. 22, 2019.