CEO Message: Together we will be part of the solution

In the wake of recent events, Luminis Health CEO Tori Bayless shares how our health system plans to confront racism, together. 

It is impossible to witness what we all are witnessing this week without sharing these words with you…

Racism.  It is an ugly reality that pervades our society. It has no place in our country, in our community, or in our health system. We will confront racism head on, and take action against it. Overt. Systemic. And everything in between.

The recent, senseless killings of George Floyd, Ahmaud Arbery, and Breonna Taylor are the most recent incidents of a long-standing legacy of inequity that demands justice. They demand that we do better.

This problem that lingers in our society is not the burden of people of color alone. The ugliness is impacting our co-workers, patients, friends and family. Therefore, it is our problem to confront together.

In the tumultuous days since the murder of George Floyd, emotions are understandably running high. Outrage. Grief. Sadness. Fear. Anger. Together we are planning our response as a health system that will underscore our commitment to justice and to every human life. We will do it together, as a team. As one.

We also are caregivers. And we will care for each other, our patients and our community through this unrest and this ugly reality.

We need to ask, how can we work together to understand those who need to be heard and protected?  How can I be a better ally to my colleagues? It goes even deeper. How can I hear what I am not hearing?  As a health system our core values fight against racism – but is it enough? Are we making progress?

Today, I encourage you to check on each other. Offer to listen. Think about actions you can take, big and small, to start making a difference. I will be doing the same. And we will share our organizational response with you in the coming days. Together, we can heal and make change happen.  Together we will be a part of the solution and support the eradication of inequity.