Kindness Rocks: A step-by-step how-to guide

  1. The mission: spread kindness throughout our community.
  2. Get started: Collect rocks that you would like to paint with your very own messages of kindness or happy artwork. Grab them on your next walk or find them at a local home improvement or craft store.
  3. Prep your rocks for maximum beauty: We recommend using a non-toxic acrylic paint on the rocks before you decorate with a paint pen.
  4. Inspire and encourage: Let your creative juices flow and write your very own message of kindness. We recommend using a Sharpie Oil Base paint pen or Prismacolor art markers.
  5. Don’t let anything dull your sparkle: Once your rock is dry, protect it from outdoor elements by using a sealant, such as Modge Podge or another clear acrylic spray.
  6. Keep it going: Help our community keep track of your kindness by writing the hashtag #AAMCRocks on the back of each rock! Not only will these acts of kindness help the finders, but they will also inspire the rest of the community to join #TheKindnessRocksProject movement with AAMC.
  7. Throw kindness around like confetti: Make someone else’s day by hiding your kindness rocks on our campus or in your community. If you are planning on hiding it indoors, please be sure to ask for permission first.
 Learn more about the Kindness Rocks Project and how we’re bringing it to our AAMC community
Originally published Aug. 22, 2017. Last updated Feb. 7, 2020.

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