Helping the Community Live Healthier

We are committed to improving the health of our community, illustrated by this sampling of our community outreach efforts:

Helping Kids Say “No”

Amanda Larkins is a prevention educator who visits high school students in their classrooms as part of a partnership among Anne Arundel County Public Schools, county coalitions and AAMC’s Pathways Prevention Program.

The goal is to help students make good choices by arming them with information about
the dangers of alcohol and drug use and strategies for resisting peer pressure.

In our photo above, Larkins has freshmen at Northeast High School in Pasadena spin the “Wheel of Misfortune,” taking turns testing their knowledge of drinks and drugs, and practice saying no.

Reducing the Rate of Lung Cancer Deaths 

AAMC is committed to diagnosing lung cancer in people as early on in the disease process as possible. That’s because the earlier you catch it, the better your chances are for survival.

We do this by providing low-dose CT Scans for low-income residents and, when necessary, enrollment in the rapid access chest and lung assessment program (RACLAP) for early intervention and diagnosis.

Good news: The lung screening is covered by most insurances and Medicare, if you meet the screening criteria. If something suspicious is found, the RACLAP ensures patients get the information needed to decide on a course of action.

Becoming Tobacco Free

Since tobacco use is the leading cause of lung cancer and other related diseases, AAMC is committed to decreasing the use of tobacco products. We offer smoking cessation help through classes, individual counseling and support groups—all free to people who work or live in Anne Arundel County.Tobacco-Free Anne Arundel Medical Center

AAMC is a tobacco free campus, which discourages the use of these products by employees, patients, visitors, and volunteers. Starting July 2015,  AAMC takes a leadership position as a major employer in Maryland and stops hiring nicotine users.

Our Community Benefit Report offers more details on our work in the community.

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