Video: Breast Cancer Survivor Discovers Life After Cancer

Nancy Noel says cancer may be the best thing that happened to her. “There’s life after cancer, and it’s not all about cancer,” says Nancy. “You’ll find you’re wanting to do things you never would’ve done. The disease motivates you to do.” After she completed treatment for a rare, aggressive form of breast cancer, Nancy and her husband took up storm chasing.

“As we stare up into that swirling belly of the beast, I remind myself that it’s great to be alive.”

Nancy also mentors women newly diagnosed with breast cancer through AAMC’s program, Survivors Offering Support (SOS). She helps guide women with breast cancer through diagnosis, treatment and survivorship. SOS debuted at AAMC in 2004 and has since expanded to hospitals throughout the mid-Atlantic. The program pairs a newly diagnosed patient with a breast cancer survivor. The mentor provides support and encouragement from diagnosis through recovery.

Read more about how a supportive team of peers and medical professionals can help women with breast cancer make personal treatment choices. 

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