Diagnostic Imaging: What You Should Know

Excerpts from our Living Well with Cancer podcast interview with Karen Scott, executive director of Anne Arundel Diagnostics Imaging.  Listen to the entire interview here.

Once you’ve had an image taken or a diagnostic test, who reads those images?

All imaging studies are ready by board-certified imaging specialists, which is very important. At Anne Arundel Diagnostics, we also have radiologists that sub-specialize in areas such as women’s imaging, which includes the mammography studies and breast procedures. We have doctors that sub-specialize in muscular-skeletal studies for orthopedic reads. And, neuroreads, which are read by neuroradiologists who specialize in brain imaging.

Should the patient ask for a copy of the results or the image after they leave?

They can ask for that. However, if the facility has an electronic record, you typically don’t need a copy because your provider can view the images online. They can see the results online and then we also have what’s called MyChart for patients. Patients can sign up for MyChart to view their records and can also get their results via an email.

What would those results look like in MyChart?

In MyChart it would be the actual written report that your physician is seeing.

Read the transcript of the interview or listen to the recording.

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