AAMC Clinic Provides Quick Care to Cancer Patients

AAMC’s symptom management clinic provides cancer patients quick access to care when they are experiencing symptoms related to their treatment. The care provided through the clinic is coordinated with their oncologists and infusion team. As a result, patients with cancer are experiencing fewer hospital readmissions, fewer emergency room visits and they are happier with their care.

Future enhancements include use of AAMC’s electronic medical records to not only track outcomes, but to provide patients with a portal to document their symptoms, and ask questions of the oncology team. This will further support an enhanced communications tool that patients and providers can use throughout the complex, multidisciplinary, continuum of care.

The DeCesaris Cancer Institute received an Innovator Award from the Association of Community Cancer Centers for the implementation of this symptom management clinic.

“It recognizes creativity and innovation in cancer care, which we’re all being asked to do more of,” says Catherine Copertino, RN, executive director of the DeCesaris Cancer Institute.

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