Being there for our patients and community

Carol Brumsted

Each cancer journey is unique. At Luminis Health, we want to shine a light on these journeys from the perspective of our own patients and staff. That’s why we’ve started this new series – bringing hope and comfort to those who have been touched by cancer.

Carol Brumsted’s story:

I’ve worked as a registered nurse at Luminis Health Anne Arundel Medical Center (LHAAMC) for 20 years. For the first 14 years, I performed in-patient IV therapy. Then I moved to the outpatient infusion center in the cancer institute where I still work. LHAAMC has grown since I’ve been here, but some things have remained the same — like its commitment to patients and the community.

The outpatient infusion center has really grown since I’ve been here. When people come to us for treatment, they’re not coming to see just the surgeon or medical oncologist. They’re also meeting with a social worker, dietician, nurse navigator, oncology rehabilitation specialist, and a financial social worker. We don’t turn anyone away based on what they can afford. Our finance coordinators will do everything they can to help a patient with costs, like working to find less expensive alternatives to medicines or helping patients apply for aid through state or federal programs.

A couple of my colleagues are cancer survivors themselves. Several have been caregivers to family members, which gives them an extra connection to their work. I lost my husband to pancreatic cancer two years ago, and he received excellent care here at LHAAMC. Knowing what I know as an oncology nurse, I wouldn’t have had him go anywhere else.

LHAAMC has always had a community hospital feel, and even though we’ve grown in scope over the years, I think we still have that feel. My own team and I work with homeless shelters in the area and people in need in the community. We’ve provided lunches, holiday meals and have filled backpacks with school supplies. I also love that we’ve continued to expand community outreach, offering preventive medicine and wellness programs including mental health care.

Being there for our patients and community, making sure they’re safe and have consistent, first-rate care, is what it’s all about.