AAMC Opens Psychiatric Day Hospital

We’re excited to announce the opening of our new care facility to help meet mental health needs of Anne Arundel County residents and residents of surrounding communities.

Our Psychiatric Day Hospital is an intensive daytime treatment program providing clinical, diagnostic and mental health treatment services for adults and adolescents (13 and up). The program is designed for patients who are either transitioning from inpatient care or need help stabilizing a condition in order to prevent hospitalization.

“Expanding access to mental health services is a top priority for Anne Arundel Medical Center,” said Dawn Hurley, executive director of behavioral health at AAMC.  “The addition of AAMC Psychiatric Day Hospital to our growing list of mental health services is another step in our efforts to offer comprehensive care to help meet a critically important community need. Patients will receive quality care from our multidisciplinary team of specialists in a safe, secure setting.”

The AAMC Psychiatric Day Hospital is located at 132 Holiday Court, Suite #209, Annapolis, MD. Treatments offered include:

  • Mental health and medical evaluation
  • Group psychotherapy
  • Family evaluation and therapy
  • School-based on-site tutoring
  • Art/activity therapy
  • Goal setting/skills development
  • 24/7 emergency coverage for enrolled patients

Patients must be referred into the AAMC Psychiatric Day Hospital by a physician. If you think you or a loved one may be a candidate for these services, please speak with your doctor. If you need a doctor who specializes in mental health, please contact AAMG Mental Health Specialists at 410-573-9000.

The demand for mental health services in Anne Arundel County has increased for every age group, according to the county’s latest Community Health Needs Assessment. The Psychiatric Day Hospital is one part of AAMC’s plans to expand access to these much needed services. In March 2016, we filed a Certificate of Need with the Maryland Health Care Commission to gain approval to establish a mental health hospital for adults. If approved, the hospital would serve up to 900 patients a year who would otherwise be transferred to hospitals outside Anne Arundel County.

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